We Are Our Own Worst Enemies

Our enemies try to destroy us. Are we destroying ourselves?
Getting in our own heads- in our own ways?
Self-destructive behaviors? Negative self-talk? Victim mentality? Excuses?
What about the saying of keeping our enemies closer than our friends. Does that adage work if we are talking about ourselves?
Enemies can be obstacles. Adversarial challenges. Do obstacles not make us more determined? Do challenges not make us stronger? Does rising against and above all odds not define us?
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About the Author



ET is a patrol sergeant in Washington State and has been in police work for 13 years. In addition to his patrol duties, he coordinates his department’s Peer Support Team and fitness programs.


He has served as a Field Training Officer, tracking K-9 handler, and regional civil disturbance unit member, where he currently acts as a
He serves as a team leader.


ET’s focus on caring for his crew and first responder family has led him to foster communities geared toward mental, physical, and emotional health and resilience. He creates content and can be found and contacted at @bluegritwellness on Instagram.


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