Stay Lethal

by Mr. Practical Tactical

Been seeing a lot of this lately. I think it’s going to be hard for the old generation and new dudes to both change their mindsets on the reality that we aren’t currently in a large scale conflict.

I understand for the old breed, they may have a lot of bitter feelings about pulling out and seeing what they did potentially come unraveled. And for the new guys, like many of us in our generation at the tail end of the GWOT, you grew up hearing the stories of brotherhood and courage and maybe you wanted to test your metal in combat.

I understand both of these disappointments and they are not unwarranted or unreasonable. However, we must look forwards from here. Old guys need to adapt to a new battlefield. New guys need to listen to the lessons of yesterday’s wars and develop themselves to be ready for that next conflict when, not if, it happens.

For both, I must warn against sinking into the garrison cult. You can still be a warrior savage and not be deployed. Train hard. Train your men hard. Remember that you signed up to serve your country and to fight whenever and wherever the Nation sends you.

Deploying doesn’t make you more lethal and not deploying to a combat zone doesn’t make you any less lethal. Embrace the lethality mindset wherever you are at and train harder than all the bad guys around the world are training to kill you as we speak.

Mr. Practical Tactical is a former active duty army officer with patrol and other law enforcement experience.

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